It seems that we see ourselves as more and more different than the same. We tend to want to categorize ourselves, maybe so we feel like we fit somewhere. Sometimes this can be healthy for us, but sometimes it can isolate us and we tend to get judgmental about who is NOT in our category. So I ask the question, what makes us different and unique in a positive way, also the question what makes us the same? When we strip away all of the labels, i.e.  the career, the car, the house, the religion, the color of our skin, our moral beliefs, even our yoga practice and lineage, when all of these are gone, what is the difference? The mantra “So Hum” is an ancient Indian mantra that can be translated as I am… I am you, you are me… I am that, that I am… Try to sit for just a few minutes at first and say this mantra to yourself, inhale on the “so” and exhale on the “hum”. This can be powerful as it unites all living beings. How does it make you feel?